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The three main strands forming the basis of your membership are represented by those which underpin any livery company, namely professional representation, education and training and charitable giving. Sir John Stuttard, whilst he was Lord Mayor of the City of London, explained those roles in his remarks during the opening ceremony for World Maritime Day 2007, held onboard HQS WELLINGTON:

In this modern world where satellite communication provides instant and continuous contact, I am often asked what is the point of livery companies, what relevance can a system founded in the middle ages have in today’s society? My answer is that the traditions of the livery abound in every activity that is showcased here today. A livery company has three founding centres, a professional activities, an educative role and charitable giving. From the Round Table group of international organisations to the professional societies, we can all see how the technical standards of this industry are set, regulated and maintained. Education and proper training is key to all growth. Having a skilled work force trained in up to date techniques is vital to maintaining quality. The maritime charities are there to help those that need just that little bit of assistance and to allow others to achieve their potential. So you can see how a livery company is representative of its trade.

Sir John Stuttard, Lord Mayor of London, 2006-2007

explained these roles in his remarks during the opening ceremony for World Maritime Day 2007

Benefits include:

  • Membership of a network of your peers who are similarly qualified, like-minded, professional men and women.
  • Opportunities to be a member of HCMM Outports in your area of the country.
  • Contributing to the wider maritime world (legislation, opinion, etc) through the “corporate” view of the HCMM, in particular by joining one of the HCMM Committees. This can include assisting regulators and outside bodies with professional and technical queries.
  • Participation in the HCMM Mentoring Scheme and, thus, assisting in the professional development of young people in the industry.
  • Attendance at and participation in our Technical & Education monthly Joint Informal Meetings (JIMs) held both online and at in-person events.
  • Involvement in the governance and life of the City of London (particularly as a Liveryman).
  • Participation in HCMM formal and informal events and social functions and, for Liverymen, those in the City of London.
  • Access to world class venues across the City of London for Company hosted meetings and conferences.
  • Access to the Company's comprehensive maritime library.

But the most important benefit is being part of a friendly and welcoming professional body that understands what it means to be a Ship’s Master.