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The education and training of future seafarers is regarded within the Honourable Company as one of our most vital roles. There is a strategic interest in ensuring that there are enough people trained to the very highest standards who can occupy positions within the maritime industry. We are an island nation that requires trade to come in by sea, and this means that we will always have a need for seafarers.

The Honourable Company supports the training and education of seafarers in a number of practical and positive ways.

Mentoring Scheme

The HCMM, in keeping with livery company traditions, runs a traditional apprenticeship scheme. Cadets, midshipmen and junior officers under training from both the Merchant and Royal Navies may apply or be recommended to join the scheme. If they are under 21 then they become Apprentices and have their indentures registered with Mansion House. If they are over 21 then they join as Associates. However, in all practical means they follow the same procedures.

Full details of the Mentoring Scheme can be viewed here.

Cadet Sponsorship

In addition to supporting the training of cadets in the mentoring scheme, the HCMM also provides financial support for one or more cadets and is a unique opportunity for 16 to 23 year-olds to receive a fully paid-for three year training course as an officer in the merchant navy.

Education Fund

The objectives and aims of the Education Fund are to assist and encourage the education, instruction and training whether generally, technically or professionally, of persons serving or intending to serve in the Merchant Navy. Grants are available for anyone who fulfils these requirements. To apply, please contact us.

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MSc in Maritime Operation & Management

The HCMM and City, University of London have made provision for students to study for a Masters Degree MSc in Maritime Operations and Management. You can learn more about this qualification here.