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23 Oct 2023
by Outports

MPC - Kind Leadership Report v3 (Final).pdf

The Maritime Professional Council of the UK (MPC) would like to share with you our full ‘Kind Leadership’ report (see attached).

The Council’s conviction, based on our evidence, is that the adoption of a ‘Kind Leadership’ philosophy will improve leadership and motivation, promote wellbeing and better mental health amongst seafarers, which together deliver increased industry profitability and health & safety performance. However, we acknowledge this can only be accomplished through considerable industry involvement and buy-in, which is where your help will prove invaluable. In this regard, we very much hope you, as a recognised maritime professional, will be prepared to attend our Webinar on this subject, scheduled fornext month (November).

What we seek to construct is a ‘passage plan’ that sets out the steps (‘way points’) leading to change, which in turn converts to industry adoption of ‘Kind Leadership’ as a key tool to enhance human and thus industry performance. For this reason, and ahead of the Webinar, we invite you to share with the MPC your preliminary thoughts on howthisresearchcan be best converted to a meaningful and effective set of actions.

Your feedback, together with your participation at our Webinar, will help us to ensure this document will not simply be added to the ever-increasing ‘discard pile’ of documents that have attempted to tackle this important issue in our industry.