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3 Sep 2023
by Outports

Merchant Navy Day Service, Glasgow 2023

The Clyde Outport was invited by The Rt Hon Provost Councillor Jaquelene McLaren to take part in the Merchant Navy Day Memorial event at the Cenotaph in George Square, held on Friday 1stSeptember 2023.

Five of the Outport members were able to attend. Captains MacDonald C Lucas; Neil Smith; Timothy Oliver; William Gillespie and; Ron Bailey. Thanks to Mr Hew Dundas for organising our wreath. We all met up in Glasgow Chambers for 1030 for coffee before the service at 1100.

Just before 1100 those taking part proceeded from Glasgow Chambers to the Cenotaph. The Lord Provost welcomed all those in attendance, particularly the impressive cadetcontingent from the City of Glasgow College Faculty and STEM. The Provost made a short speech expressing our respects for the men and women of the UK’s Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleet who lost their lives in wartime.

She also said that this year marked the 80th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic, which commenced in September 1939 until the defeat of Germany in 1945. On completion of the wreaths being laid all were invited back to the City Chambers.

Four of those present then retired for lunch at The Western Club.