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25 Nov 2022
by Outports

Declarations November 2022

On Friday 25th November 2022, we had a Declaration Ceremony for Mr John Kaighin and Chief Officer Ieuan Clarkas Freemen andMr Edward Baxter as a Member. We also had Mr Scott Brugts join as an Associate and joining the Mentee scheme, Mr Alexander James and Miss Lanna Wickins as an Apprentice. We also cloathed into Livery,Chief Officer Haydn Clarke.

(Left to Right: Assistant Clerk, Bill Collier; Mr Scott Brugts; Warden, Matthew Burrow; Chief Officer Ieuan Clark; Mr Alexander Mason; Senior Warden, Captain Geoff English; Chief Officer Haydn Clarke; the Master, Captain Robin Batt; Mr John Kaighin ; Immediate Past Master, Commander Les Chapman; Mr Edward Baxter; Miss Lanna Wickins ; and The Learned Clerk, Scott Hanlon).