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3 Jul 2023
by Outports

Declarations June 2023

On Friday 30th June 2023, we held a Declaration Ceremony at the Little Ships Club ahead of our first Curry Lunch.

We welcomed: Captain Sam Twitchin as a Freeman, Miss Sarah Long and Mr Charles Woyka as Associates who have entered into our Company's Mentoring Scheme and Mr Duncan Metherellas an Apprentice.

We also 'cloathed' into Livery, Commander Chris Hardinge MBE and Captain Simon Terry.

(Left to Right: The Clerk, Mr Scott Hanlon; Warden, Mr Matt Burrow; Miss Sarah Long; Captain Byron Griffiths; Senior Warden, Captain Peter McArthur; Commander Chris Hardinge MBE; the Master, Captain Geoff English; Captain Simon Terry; Assistant Clerk, Major Bill Collier; Immediate Past Master, Captain Robin Batt; Captain Samuel Twitchin; Captain Alan Adamson; Mr Charles Woyka, Captain Matt Bland; Mr Duncan Metherell)