Joining Process

The joining procedure is reflective of the Honourable Company’s commitment to the tradition of upholding excellence, which is reflected in the rigour of that process. Furthermore, each application must be approved by Court which sits only four times per year. The process is as follows:

1. Complete the Application Form

The process begins with you completing the HCMM Application Form by clicking on the 'Join Now' button at the top of the site. You will need to provide a CV and where applicable, a copy of your UKMCA or RN Certificate of Competency.

2. Supply the names of your Referees

In the application form we ask you to place the names of the members of the Honourable Company who you would like to act as your proposer and seconder. However, in the event that you do not know anyone in the Honourable Company, then simply state the name of a referee (normally your employer). We will then ask them for a reference on your behalf.

3. Application Review

Once we have received your application form and relevant supporting testimonials or references, the application is then placed before the Membership Committee. This Committee reviews the application to ensure that the applicant fulfils the criteria for membership.

4. Interview

The next stage is then to arrange, at your convenience, a membership interview. This interview will be conducted by the Master Mariner or a senior officer within the Honourable Company either onboard WELLINGTON or at one of our Outports around the country, whichever is the most convenient location to suit your needs. The purpose of the interview is to confirm the validity of your application and in particular, commitment, as well as to pass on information regarding the management and role of the Honourable Company. Once the formality of the interview has been completed your application goes before the Court for election (although it is possible to go to Court prior to interview but acceptance is subject to satisfactory completion of that interview).

5. Declaration Ceremony

The final stage is the declaration ceremony. This ceremony is a formal event held onboard WELLINGTON at which you make your declaration to the Honourable Company before your fellow Master Mariners. You are welcomed into the Honourable Company with an address from the Master Mariner. It is done formally to emphasise the significance of your joining an eminent body of fellow professionals and a prominent City of London Livery Company.

New Members making their Declarations in the Committee Room onboard HQS WELLINGTON

Text of Declaration 

I [full name] solemnly swear that I will be true and faithful to our Sovereign Lady The Queen and to Her Heirs and Successors. I will observe and keep the Charter and Bye-laws of this Honourable Company of Master Mariners. In all matters lawful, I will be obedient unto the Master and Wardens of the Honourable Company. I will do my utmost at all times to maintain the Status, Dignity and Prestige of the Honourable Company. I will conscientiously endeavour to promote the efficiency of the Merchant Navy as an Imperial Service, and will at any time assist and counsel a Master Mariner to best of my ability, as he shall reasonably require. I will not disclose anything that may come to pass at any meeting of the Court, at which I may be present, to any person who is not a Member of the Honourable Company. AND I make this solemn declaration conscientiously intending, and being resolved, faithfully and truly to abide by, perform and fulfil the same.