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The joining procedure is reflective of the Honourable Company’s commitment to the tradition of upholding excellence, which is reflected in the rigour of that process. Furthermore, each application must be approved by Court which sits only four times per year. The process is as follows:

1. Complete the Application Form

The process begins with you completing the HCMM Application Form by clicking on the 'Join Now' button at the top of the site. You will need to provide a CV and where applicable, a copy of your UKMCA or RN Certificate of Competency. In the application form we ask you to place the names of the members of the Honourable Company who you would like to act as your proposer and seconder. However, in the event that you do not know anyone in the Honourable Company, then simply state the name of a referee (normally your employer). We will then ask them for a reference on your behalf.

2. Interview

The next stage is then to arrange, at your convenience, a membership interview. This interview will be conducted by the Master or a senior officer within the Honourable Company either in London Face to Face, at one of our Outports around the country, or via Zoom; whichever is the most convenient to suit your needs. The purpose of the interview is to confirm the validity of your application and in particular, commitment, as well as to pass on information regarding the management and role of the Honourable Company.

3. Membership Committee

The application is then placed before the Membership Committee which meets in April, July, October, and January. This Committee reviews the application and interview notes to ensure that the applicant fulfils the criteria for membership.

4. The Court

Once the interview and the Membership Committee has recommended your appplication, it is then presented before The Court for election (although it is possible to go to Court prior to interview but acceptance is subject to satisfactory completion of that interview).

5. Declaration Ceremony

The final stage is the declaration ceremony. This ceremony is a formal event held within a City of London location at which you make your declaration to the Honourable Company before your fellow Master Mariners. You are welcomed into the Honourable Company with an address from the Master Mariner. It is done formally to emphasise the significance of your joining an eminent body of fellow professionals and a prominent City of London Livery Company. 

New Members making their Declarations in the Library of the Little Ship Club