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SECTION ONE: Company Information

SECTION TWO: Principal Point of Contact

The Principal Point of Contact will be your Company's Managing Director/Chief Executive/Senior Partner.

SECTION THREE: First Designated Contact

In addition to the Principal Point of Contact, your company will be allowed to nominate two additional points of contact. When booking an event, hiring the Ship's facilities, or wishing to use the Wardroom, either the Principal Point of Contact or one of these two must be present.

SECTION FOUR: Second Designated Contact

SECTION FOUR: Nature of Company

Please provide an overview of your company, how you wish to benefit from Corporate Membership, and how you feel our relationship will be mutually beneficial.

SECTION FIVE: Declaration

Declaration (to be signed on behalf of the Company making the application). If elected, we hereby agree to be bound by the Royal Charter and Bye-laws of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners.