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By gaining the postnominals CMMar, this now reflects your standing as a professionally registered Master Mariner. It assures your employer, colleagues, customers and society that you meet the internationally recognised standards of competence and commitment relevant to your field. 

Using your post-nominal letters wherever appropriate, eg on business cards or email signatures, is demonstration of your professional status. This will help you stand apart from non-registered Master Mariners and Naval Commanding Officers.

The Registartion Authority works closely with other maritime organisations to ensure that the standards in those who achieve this presitgious Chartered status is recongisable globally.  

By becoming professionally registered you have made a commitment to maintaining your competence, through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). You will also have committed to observe the Chartereship's Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics (for a copy, click here).

Remember that your professional status is protected under the Honourable Comapny of Master Mariners' Royal Charter. To remain on the Chartered Master Mariner's register and retain the right to use your post-nominal letters, you must also ensure that your annual subscription fees and the submital of your CPD evidence is completed on time.