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Since 2013, under the terms of its Royal Charter, the Honourable Company of Master Mariners has had the right to grant Chartership status to qualifying Master Mariners. In association with the Nautical Institute, the award of Chartered status for high-achieving professional seafarers is now obtainable.

Over the last fifty years many professions have developed their own ways of recognising excellence. Until recently, the maritime industry has not been one of these.

Officers who aspire to command at sea have to achieve the Master STCW II/2 qualification, or its equivalent, that is rightly and globally recognised as the highest mark of professional excellence. The Chartership programme seeks to build on that by making it available to officers who have achieved the STCW career pinnacle, but who are seeking to add a different sort of professional status that recognises the exceptional service they give over and above their sea-going activities. For more information on the prerequisites of applying for Chartered Master Mariner, click here.

Chartership presents a new goal for Master Mariners by recognising the individual endeavour of those who have benefited our industry and improved their own professional capability. It is a mark of excellence that evidences personal eminence and expertise, superior competence and peer-recognised qualities.

The Chartered Master Mariner – crest & eminence

Successful Chartered Master Mariners (CMMar) will have to re-evaluate at regular intervals, thus the Chartered Master Mariner will always command respect as a leader within the global maritime industry.

Want to be acknowledged? What to become a Chartered Master Mariner? Find out how to apply here!

CMMar Annual Application Cycle

CMMar Annual Application Cycle