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HCMM Position papers and Selected Correspondence

As a body of maritime professionals with an exceptional range of experienced and knowledgeable members, the Honourable Company is well placed to make public its considered views on a range of key issues that are affecting our industry and to set out its intentions in relation to each. This work is generated by Company’s Professional and Technical Committee (P&TC) which comprises over 20 members covering a very wide range of relevant maritime disciplines and, from them are drawn the 5 Working Groups as follows:

  • Operations
  • Maritime Administration
  • Technology and the Environment
  • People and Safety
  • Communications, Social Media and Public Relations

The Communications team work mostly on matters internal to the Company but the outputs of the other 4 Groups are specifically tailored to follow similar formats, producing papers that address:

  • The issue
  • The facts
  • The arguments
  • The conclusions
  • HCMM actions

Particular effort is made to keep these documents taut and short.

As position papers are generated, they are debated by the Wardens Committee who then authorise them for publication on the Website for general access in the sections below.

Also to be found below is a section including selected recent correspondence which sets out the views that the HCMM have expressed externally on critical current issues impacting on our profession.

If anyone reading the position papers wishes to make comment, they are welcome to do and should contact the Clerk via the Contact Us page.