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About this Outport

Initially formed in 2012 and after a short absence the SW Outport has been reestablished with a new management team and some slightly redefined boundaries, using postcodes as markers.

Stretching from the strategically important ports of Portsmouth and Southampton Westwards towards the major ports of Falmouth, Plymouth and Dartmouth, our outport does indeed harbour much maritime activity and a rich nautical history. Our ties with the Royal Navy remain strong with naval Bases at Portsmouth, Dartmouth and Plymouth.

In the past some excellent meetings and events have been held towards the South West but we hope to embrace the Solent Ports in future activities and encourage events to suit all in a geographical sense. By including the Southern Ports we open up a wealth of event possibilities as well as embracing a large number of HCMM members. To see the new boundaries please click here.

One of the changes that has been made, after consultation at this year’s outport conference, is that communications will be directed through the HCMM website and servers. Although the honorary secretary has an email southwest@hcmm.org.uk, mass communications will be made through the HCMM online system and no bulk emails will be sent. The above email can be used to communicate directly with the honorary secretary, but will not be used to advertise events. Thus please ensure that you regularly check your ‘My HCMM’ section of the website, as well as ensuring that your contact details are kept up to date with the HCMM. This improved method of communication ensures the GDPR laws are met and your data remains secure on the HCMM servers.

Rest assured if you are registered with our outport, any posts on the outport page will be notified to you using the email you have registered with the HCMM. You can then log on and see details.

Your new outport Chairman, Captain Jonathon Pearce and your new Honorary Secretary Captain Barry Sadler would very much like to hear from our Outport members. Not only by way of introduction, but to start to seed ideas as to what events you would like to see, how we manage the outport and if there are past events that we would like to see reinstated.

Captain Sadler is also the Outport representative at Court.

Welcome to the New South West Outport.

Captain Jonathon Pearce CMMar

Captain Jonathon Pearce CMMar

Outport Honorary Chairman for South West of England

I joined BP as a cadet in 1979 and qualified as a Master Mariner in 1990. I served in all ranks, including master, on various types of vessels. In 1994 I took a shore position as pilot in Port Taranaki, New Zealand. 

In 2006 I returned to the United Kingdom as a risk assessor and undertook numerous formal safety audits of UK ports. I have been involved with LNG risk assessments and have been an expert witness on pilotage issues. 

In 2008 I joined OMC International as their Business Development Manager due to my extensive knowledge of their Dynamic Under-keel Clearance systems. I have extensive knowledge on ship motions, under-keel clearance and vessel squat and I present internationally and nationally on these issues. In March 2014, I was sworn in as a Younger Brother of Trinity House. In 2019, I became a Liveryman of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners and in 2020 I was accepted as a Chartered Master Mariner.

Captain Barry Sadler CMMar

Outport Honorary Secretary for South West of England

My seagoing career started in1985 as cadet on containerships with Ben Line. I moved to cruise ships with P&O / Princess cruises until late 1999 when I came ashore with my last seagoing appointment as Chief Officer on new build cruise ships.

I have worked in the port of Southampton from January 2000 until present, initially as AHM VTS then as Pilot from November 2000. I am currently an Unrestricted 1st Class and Containership Specialist pilot. Authorised for largest vessels which are currently 400 x 62m Cat 7 Containerships.

I also run a limited company which I founded in 2006. As Captain Barry Sadler Maritime Training and Consultancy, I provide online orals prep tuition to all disciplines of deck officer with 1-2-1 and virtual training sessions combined with an extensive online learning platform. My office and training rooms are based in Lymington, Hampshire.

I also provide general consultancy in all areas but mainly port operations, ship handling, collision regulations, passenger vessel operations, BTM, port feasibility, IMO Implementation of Instruments advice and course accreditation procedures. I have expert witness experience on Port and Pilotage Incidents.

I am involved in leisure vessel safety; sitting on various committees, risk assessing large regattas and providing operational support to large events. I liaise closely with the RYA in this respect. I am on the NI expert database. I'm New Forest based where I live with my partner and our two teenage children.

Email: southwest@hcmm.org.uk

If you would like to know more about the South West Outport, please get in touch with the Honorary Secretary.

Social Events

To kick things off the following are possibilities:

  • Visiting the Port of Southampton to view the world’s largest containerships.
  • Visiting a new modern passenger terminal in Southampton and seeing first hand a cruise ship ‘plug in’ to the Port.
  • Visiting an autonomous vessel control centre
  • Outport visits to Portsmouth Naval Dockyard including HMS Victory and HMS Queen Elizabeth
  • A Talk by Captain Sadler on running the world’s largest sailing regatta alongside ultra large commercial vessels.

I’m sure our members in the South Western Part of the outport have many ideas and perhaps ‘traditional’ events that they would like organised, and as such we’d very much like to hear from you.