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About this Outport

The North East of Scotland Outport was formed by Captain Royston Frederic Weller and Captain Angus MacKay in 1976, and the first annual dinner was held at the Westhill Inn in 1978. The Outport grew from strength to strength, coinciding with Aberdeen’s oil boom with many members working in the oil and gas industry. Even so, the Outport has a varied group of Liverymen, Freemen, Members and Apprentices spanning varied seagoing and shore-based disciplines.

The current Chairman is Captain Simon Jones, and the current Outport Honorary Secretary is Captain Ewan Rattray.

Captain John Cleaver

Captain John Cleaver

Outport Honorary Chairman for North East of England

Captain Martyn James

Captain Martyn James

Outport Honorary Secretary for North East of England

I joined the Company in 2009 whilst still a cadet and have become increasingly involved ever since, stepping up to the role of Hon Secretary of the North East Outport in 2017, and becoming a Court Assistant in 2020.

Professionally, I spent almost ten years on cruise ships before coming ashore to become a Pilot on the Humber. I'm also a part time lecturer at the Humber Maritime College.

Email: northeastengland@hcmm.org.uk

Twitter: @martynatsea

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/martynleejames

Other honouary officers of the Outport are:

Court Representative - Mr Ian Stitt

Vice-Chair – Captain Hannah Kite

Treasurer – Captain Mike Lacey

To get in touch with the Outport, please email the Honorary Secretary

Social Events

In addition to our regular meetings, we host a Christmas Luncheon at the Merchant Taylors Hall in York on the first Tuesday of December. This event is not to be missed as we are joined by the current Master of the Company, and it always proves to be a highlight of the calendar.

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