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To ensure that the Financial Parameters set out in the Passage Plan are met.

Current Committee Members

Leslie Chapman

Chairman of Finance & Risk Committee - Commander Les Chapman BEng, MBA, CMMar, FNI, RN

I joined the company in 2001, became a Court Assistant in 2013, took Livery in 2014, elected Warden in 2017, Senior Warden in 2020 and Master in 2021 and 2024. Since 2013 I have served on several Committees and been a trustee of the Charity. Born and brought up in Canada, I went to Royal Military College of Canada graduating in 1978 with a BChemEng(Nuc) degree, spent 10 years in the RCN and 14 in the RN becoming a Command Qualified Submariner before retiring in 1997 spending 3 years in the Port of Southampton and 24 years as a director and consultant in the marine industry in the City and am currently Chairman of Margaret Black and a Director of the London Shipping Law Centre. I am a Younger Brother of Trinity House, Chairman of the South East Regional Grant Committee of the Trinity House Maritime Charity & represent Trinity House as a Trustee on the Tower Hill Trust, Trustee of Greenwich Sea Cadets, Vice President of Tunbridge Wells Sea Cadets, Liveryman WC of Shipwrights and Arbitrators, Past Chairman of London Branch NI, and ICPEM.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/les-chapman-5587101/

Twitter/X: x.com/LesChapman76

Mr Tony Gosden MA (Cantab) FCA (Member)

Captain Barry Sadler CMMar, AFRIN, AFNI (Member)

Captain Henry Andrews (Member)

Captain Flavian D`Souza CMMar FNI (Member)

Mr Lambros Varnavides MSc M.Phil (Member)

Mr Matt Burrow DL (Ex-Officio)

Captain Geoff English AFNI (Ex-Officio)

Mr Steven Summers JP (Observer (Warden))

Captain Chris McDade CMMar (Observer (Warden))

Captain Mac Lucas BA; PGDip; AFNI, MCMI MNA (Observer (Warden))

Commodore Duncan Lamb CMMar (Observer (Warden))

Assistant HCMM (Secretary)

Clerk HCMM (Secretary)

Finance HCMM (Secretary)