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Journal 3/14

hcmm volxxiii_no007_3_2014.pdf

The latest Journal is now available

Journal 2/14

hcmm volxxiii_no006_jun2014.pdf

The latest edition of the Journal is now available

2014 bookmark


The events for 2014 have now been finalised and a spreadsheet is attached to allow easy upload to electronic devices.

Journal 3/13


The most recent Journal is now available as a .pdf - attached

ShipTalk News

  • Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all. Thank you for your support of Shiptalk – we look forward to being back with the best in shipping gossip and titbits...

  • Some of the shipping industry’s biggest trade associations are modifying freight contracts to reduce commercial exposure for companies whose ships travel to countries affected by the Ebola outbreak and to...

  • Danish Shipowners Association is pushing for the EU to adopt a general requirement for stricter controls on ships’ fuel. The requirement is connected with the sulfur directive, which will go...