The Registration Authority

The Registration Authority is a wholly owned division of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners.

All power exercised by the Registration Authority derives from the HCMM Court by virtue of the 1932 Royal Charter (amended 2013). It is formed under Royal Charter and derives its authority from the Honourable Company. The Authority provides governance and oversight of the Chartership project, made up of HCMM members and maritime industry experts.

The function of the Registration Authority

  • oversee and manage the process by which the HCMM grants Chartered Master Mariner status
  • receive Chartership candidate applications that have been scrutinised by The Nautical Institute
  • process the applications in preparation for Professional Review Interview (PRI)
  • undertake PRI assessments and complete the relevant documentation
  • make final recommendations to the HCMM Court on the granting of Chartered Master Mariner status
  • implement and maintain a Register of Chartered Master Mariners
  • regularly review and modify this Register to ensure that all those on the Register comply with:
    • personal conduct statements;
    • codes of ethics;
    • Chartership application forms.

Current Committee Members

Role/Organisation Name
Chairman  Admiral Sir Nigel ESSENHIGH GCB
Deputy Chairman Captain Peter MCARTHUR
HCMM Court Assistants (3) Commander Les CHAPMAN RN (Chairman, Review by RA Sub-Committee)
  Captain Richard BARNES

Captain Susie THOMSON

Stakeholder Organisations

Nautical Institute Captain Gary WILSON (Chairman, NI Verifications Sub-Committee)
  Captain John LLOYD (CEO)
UK Chamber of Shipping Commodore Bob SANGUINETTI RN (CEO)
Merchant Navy Training Board Mrs Kathryn NEILSON (Director)
  Mrs Donna STEVENS
Royal Navy/Royal Fleet Auxiliary Commodore Duncan LAMB RFA
Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology Mr Tom FANTHORPE (Business Development Liaison and Assurance)


In Attendance (Officials)

Secretary/Registrar Scott HANLON Esq.
Legal Adviser Mr Keith LAWREY
Legal Adviser Mr Hew DUNDAS


Consulting Organisations
(advisers at Chairman’s behest)

Master Captain Derek CHADBURN
Senior Warden Commander Les CHAPMAN RN (as above)
Warden Captain Robin BATT
Liverymen Captain Michael ROBARTS
Trinity House Captain Ian MCNAUGHT (Deputy Master)