Young Officers' Committee

The Young Officers’ Committee (YOC) aims to increase the voice and integration of Young Officers within the Honourable Company and use its membership to aid in its development. The YOC is a sub-committee of the Membership Committee which is chaired by Admiral Sir Nigel Essenhigh GCB. Membership of the committee is open to any HCMM member who is ‘Young’ in age or industry experience.

The Young Officers’ Committee is directed under the chairmanship of the Membership Committee. The four Officers of the committee are currently working with the Honourable Company to finalise the YOC’s ‘Terms of Reference’ and ‘Structure and Definition of Roles’. Once this is complete, the YOC will advertise, to all members, how they can express interest in joining the YOC.

If you have any questions regarding the YOC, please contact [email protected].

Current Committee Members

Chief Officer Stuart Smith RFA (Chairman)
First Officer Phil Cave (Vice Chairman)
Third Officer Fergus Walker (Minutes Secretary)
NQO Kyle James (Correspondence Secretary)