Membership Committee

The Membership Committee meets four times per year and is concerned with all matters relating to the membership of the Honourable Company. This is the committee that gives approval of all applicants to join the Honourable Company.

The Membership Committee is directed under the chairmanship of Commander Peter Aylott and The Clerk as secretary.

Current Committee Members

Chairman of Membership Committee - Commander Peter Aylott MA MNI RN

Chairman of Membership Committee - Commander Peter Aylott MA MNI RN

I joined the Honourable Company in 2005 whilst still serving in the Royal Navy and in Command of a Minor War Vessel.  I was Chair of the Education and Training Committee from 2010 to 2018 and, in 2021, took the Chair of the Membership Committee. My focus alongside the Strategic Plan deliverables is engaging with the younger members and ensuring that the values and traditions of the Livery are maintained.

Having served in the Royal Navy for 16 years as a Specialist Navigator, I left the service in 2007 and worked commercially in the marine offshore services sector, leading a global company that specialized in ship and crew management of sophisticated offshore assets, to a consultancy practice covering Dynamic Positioning (DP) audits and verification to a world leading DP training organisation.  The oil price correction from 2014 caused a change of career and I was appointed CEO of the largest English fishing company in Cornwall.  Having sold this company in 2019, I was appointed the Director of Policy at the Chamber of Shipping in 2020.

My interests revolve around my youngish family, but I have a cricket obsession which still sees me on a cricket field from time to time and a burgeoning interest in gardening.


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Scott Hanlon Esq., (Secretary)

Commander Les Chapman CMMar RN
Captain Graham Pepper
Captain John Freeston
Captain John Gray
Captain Keith Hart
Captain Philip Hanton RFA
Mr. Stuart Edmonston
Mr. Tom Starr
Captain Stuart Smith
Captain Louise Sara
Mrs. Pippa Nicholas
Captain Susan Thomson CMMar