Education & Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee (ETC) meets four times per year and is concerned with all matters relating to the education and training of seafarers. This is the committee that manages the apprenticeship scheme and approves those that apply to become apprentices or junior associates.

The Education & Training Committee is directed under the chairmanship of Captain Jerry Mooney.

Current Committee Members

Chairman of E&T Committee - Captain Jerry Mooney AFNI AFRIN

Chairman of E&T Committee - Captain Jerry Mooney AFNI AFRIN

Captain Brian Cushing (Deputy Chairman)
Scott Hanlon Esq., (Secretary)

Commander Andy Jones RN
Captain Martin Reed
Captain Robin Batt
Captain Peter McArthur MNM CMMar 
Mr. Ewan Rattray
Captain Giles Wade
Captain Hannah Kite
Mrs. Helene Peter-Davies
Professor James Crabbe
Professor John Carlton
Captain John Wright
Captain MacDonald Lucas
Captain Mike Powell
Mr. Paul Shepherd
Mr. Peter Jukes
Dr. Steve Bonsall
Lt Cdr. Steve Monk CMMar RN
Captain Susan Thomson CMMar