The committees of any Livery Company, are central to its formation and running. They may vary between each livery, but at the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, our committees are orientated around our Mission Statement and Objectives. To find out more information on what the committees do and who sits on them, click on the committee’s name below.

Our Committees

Professional & Technical – Further the standing of the HCMM in the wider maritime community

Education & Training – Continue to develop the Mentoring Scheme and to Encourage Freemen/Liverymen to Act as Mentors/Masters

Membership – To put in place measures to continue to grow the current membership base targeting an increase in the full membership categories

Finance & Risk – To ensure that the Financial Parameters set out in the Passage Plan are met

Treasures – Support the preservation of the Livery Hall and the educational activities of the WELLINGTON Trust

Registration Authority – To increase the presence of the Chartered Master Mariner’s scheme within the UK and promote it across the wider global maritime network
This is a unique committee, since it is made up from other Maritime organisations and bodies and therefore not a Standing Committee of the Honourable Company


Young Officers’ – To increase the presence of younger officers and provide a professional forum which can contribute towards the objectives of the Honourable Company
A sub-committee of the Membership Committee