The Wellington houses a wide range of beautiful and historic artefacts and treasures including a large collection of ship models such as the large and exquisitely detailed model of the sailing vessel Torrens, a historically significant ship of which Captain Joseph Conrad had command.  Apart from ship models there is a range of important artefacts including the bell and wheel of SS Ohio of Malta Convoy fame, together with the George Cross awarded to her Master, Captain Dudley Mason. Other medals on display include replicas of the George Cross awarded to Captain G P Stronach and the Victoria Cross awarded to Captain R B Stannard RNR.

Following its foundation, the Honourable Company was very fortunate to be presented with many pieces of silver and gold plate from founding members and the ancient livery companies. These pieces are displayed in secure cabinets in the Court Room. Also displayed throughout the ship are many marine paintings illustrating sailing ships and early powered ships.