Technical Role

The Honourable Company has a strong commitment to the professional standards of the maritime industry. To this end, the Honourable Company’s technical committee takes a very active role. We are available for free consultations on any matter relating to the technical and professional activities of the industry and will keep an overwatch on the industry and comment on areas of interest.

We are able to undertake this role due to the significant knowledge base of our members. All full members hold, as a minimum, the highest certificate of competency, a Class 1 foreign going Master Mariner’s or equivalent if they served in the Royal Navy. This “basic” knowledge is further enhanced by their experience working onboard ships and, in many cases, ashore. This represents an enormous stock of knowledge and experience which is consulted on a regular basis by outside authorities.

We have provided oral evidence to the Transport Select Committee, lobbied on behalf of seafarers who have been imprisoned, generated guidelines on many issues and contribute a whole range of committees within the industry. Additionally, the Honourable Company provides expert members for specific roles within the maritime industry. These include:

  • Associate Parliamentary Maritime Group
  • Nautical Assessors for the Court of Appeal
  • Maritime and Coastguard Committees
    • UK Safety of Navigation Committee
    • Maritime Navigation Equipment Committee
    • Human Element Advisory Group
    • Certificates of Equivalent Competency
  • CHIRP advisory body
  • SeaVision Core Group
  • SeaVision Education and Training Committee
  • Lloyd’s Register Technical Committee
  • Livery Companies Skills Council
  • City University MSc in Marine Operations and Management body
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK
  • Royal Institute of Navigation liaison
  • Royal Navy liaison

The Honourable Company is a voice of first reference in the maritime community.

For further information please contact the Professional Development Consultant, Captain Geoff Cowap:
0207 836 8179