Standing Committees


The Warden’s Committee meets at least four times per year and acts as the ‘Cabinet’ to the Parliament of The Company, the Court. As such they are responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Court and the routine management of The Honourable Company. The Senior Warden serves as the chairman of the Committee and the Marine Superintendent and Chairman of the Finance Committee normally attend the meetings.

Education and Training

The Education and Training Committee is concerned with all matters relating to the junior associate and apprentice members. Their performance is monitored at each of the quarterly meetings. The committee is chaired by Cdr Peter Aylott and membership of the committee is open to all members of the Honourable Company. In addition to the monitoring of the apprentices, topical issues of maritime policy relating to education, training and employment of junior officers and cadets is also discussed.


As the name would suggest the remit of the Finance Committee is to manage the financial aspects of the Honourable Company. It is chaired by Mr Iain Stitt. This Committee meets quarterly onboard the Wellington.


The Membership Committee is chaired by Captain Ian Smith and meets quarterly. It is concerned with the approval of all applicants to the Honourable Company and all matters relating to membership.


The Technical Committee meets quarterly and is chaired by Captain Ian Giddings. The remit of the Technical Committee is to monitor all technical matters relating to the maritime industry and to provide advice and guidance to those who consult it. This committee has provided guidance to a range of national and international bodies as well as produced best practice guidelines for the wider maritime community. With 800 Master Mariner members the Honourable Company is uniquely placed to provide the best and most relevant, up-to-date advice in a seamanlike manner to those who require it.

To facilitate this process the Technical Committee is organised into seven working groups. The membership of each of the working groups are drawn from those members with specialist knowledge of the particular area.

WG 1 Law, Insurance and Administration,

WG 2 Offshore and Fisheries

WG 3 Ports and Pilotage

WG 4 Education

WG 5 Safety, Salvage and the Environment

WG 6 Sea Service and Operations

WG 7 Shore Management and Commerce

Secretary to the Committee: Mrs Alison Harris


The Treasures Committee is chaired by Captain Graham Pepper and not only do they look after the considerable treasures held onboard, but also the comprehensive maritime library. This Committee meets when a discussion is required on matters relevant to the holdings onboard.