Senior Officers and Company Staff

Master – Flavian D’Souza

Captain Flavian D’Souza was born in Mangalore, India which has a hinterland of plush coffee plantations and is home to many members of his family and friends. In school and at university he was very active in extracurricular activities with a special affinity for the Navy and keen on a sea-going career.

In 1964 he was selected to join the Indian Merchant Navy Officer Cadet training ship “DUFFERIN” , a former British First World War Troopship commissioned in 1927,  completing his Deck Cadet and junior Officer training with South India Steam Corporation, a P&O Shipping joint venture.  To gain more sea experience, especially in mixed heavy-lift vessels, Flavian joined the West German Merchant Fleet in 1971 until obtaining his Master Mariners’ qualification in 1975. Thereafter he served at sea as Commodore of the Iran O Hind Shipping Company with six years’ command experience on multipurpose vessels before being seconded to the head office of the company in Tehran as the Fleet Operations Manager.

Having gained substantial technical and shore based experience he joined the Foresight Group in London in 1985 as Director Shipping, contributing to the growth of the Shipping Division and also managing the Broking Division. In 1990 with the acquisition of several offshore drilling units, he was appointed as joint Managing Director.  Having also taken on the role of key oil exploration he was appointed Managing Director of Foresight Oil Ltd in 2000.  He was then instrumental in obtaining various accreditations by International Association of Drilling Contractors of Houston, Texas, USA in Marine/offshore certifications at the Foresight Group’s Nautical Academy in Kanpur, India.

Elected to the Honourable Company in 2004, to Livery in 2011, as Warden in 2013 and to Senior Warden 2015 and in the following year as Master.   He retired from the Foresight Group, London, at the end of 2015 in order to see more of his family and to be more active in all aspects of the Livery.

He is happily married to Yasmin since 1975 and they have two children Desiree and Franz and one granddaughter Misty.  A keen sailor, bugler and a horticulturalist, who much enjoys fine wine and travel.

Immediate Past Master – Captain Jim Conybeare

Captain Jim Conybeare was born in Northampton, son of a Headmaster, so as far away from the sea as possible and with no business background, so something of a surprise to all that a childhood dream of going to sea came true.

He began as a Deck Apprentice and then Junior Officer with Port Line Limited, before joining John Swire & Sons, China Navigation Company Ltd in Hong Kong in 1967. After attaining his Masters Certificate in 1969, he was invited into the Shore Management for a 3month secondment, which extended to 3 years, before he became a permanent member of the John Swire & Sons Management Group, where he stayed for another 30 years.

Within this period he was employed in many different businesses within the Swire Group and was variously based in Japan, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan (twice), Singapore and Hong Kong (three times).

He retired from the Swire Group in January 2000, having spent his final 7 years based in Hong Kong as Executive Director Industries Division of Swire Pacific Ltd. This consisted principally of establishing the Coca-Cola Franchise in seven Provinces in China, and managing them along with the existing owned franchises in Hong Kong, Taiwan and parts of USA. Other responsibilities included a JV with Carlsberg for Greater China, as well as various manufacturing and distributing business in China and Vietnam.

On return to UK, after 40 years away, he established a Consultancy Business specializing in assisting investors in China.

He joined the Honourable Company in 2008, the Court in 2011 and was elected a Warden in 2012 and Master on 1 May 2015.

He is married to Miki and they have two sons and four grand children.

He is a keen, but not good, golfer, enjoys fine wine and travel and enjoys all aspects of the Livery world in which he now participates.

Senior Warden

Captain Martin Reed

Clerk to the Company

Commodore Angus Menzies RN

Business Manager

Mrs Alison Harris BA

Finance Manager

Mrs Penny Burningham


Ms Phyllis Holder

Phyllis brings a great deal of experience working both as a PA and secretary within charitable organisations and in the property market.