Professional and Technical Role

The HCMM is more than a community of peers, it is also a body of first reference within the maritime world. The membership of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners consists of a large number of highly trained professional mariners. From aircraft carriers to nuclear submarines, from square-rigged sailing ships to supertankers, our members have sailed on all types of merchant and naval ships. Many of our members have also worked in a variety of shore positions. For example, within the ports industry, the legal establishment, as accountants, as lecturers in colleges, in the insurance industry and as leading maritime consultants. In essence, this membership represents an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge on all maritime matters.

This knowledge base is made available to the wider maritime industry and may be freely consulted. We are regularly consulted by outside bodies on matters of maritime policy and technical issues. Furthermore, we take an active interest in current issues within the maritime world. Please refer to our news archive for further information.

The HCMM’s Professional Development Consultant the first point of contact for outside queries. These queries are then directed to the appropriate working group of our technical committee. The technical committee is arranged into 7 working groups with a responsibility to manage and answer any reasonable queries which fall within their remit.

These working groups and their remits are:

  • WG 1 Law, Insurance and Administration
  • WG 2 Offshore and Fisheries
  • WG 3 Ports and Pilotage
  • WG 4 Research, Technology and Education
  • WG 5 Safety, Salvage and the Environment
  • WG 6 Sea Service and Operations
  • WG 7 Shore Management and Commerce

If you have any technical queries relating to the maritime industry then please contact