MSc in Maritime Operation

Maritime Operation and Management

The Honourable Company of Master Mariners (HCMM) and City University London have made provision for students to study for a Masters Degree MSc in Maritime Operations and Management.

London is the international centre of the Maritime world in every respect: from ship finance, classification and survey, chartering and insurance; training and education, legal and accounting services, the international Maritime organisation, environmental agencies and incident investigation expertise are all found in London. The structure of the course reflects this, with a broad base of core modules and the opportunity to specialise.  A particular strength of the programme is its very strong links with the Maritime industry.

The programme is designed to combine the rigour of science, the pragmatism of business and the analytical reasoning which is part of law and the social sciences. The Maritime industry needs senior managers with the broadest possible multi-disciplinary understanding of finance, management and technology .

This course is challenging, but it is also designed to be enjoyable and to expose the student to many new scenarios – and students should take the opportunity to embrace all the possibilities for study, networking and professional development.

The programme is run within the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences of City University London with advice, assistance in teaching and module building from the Honourable Company.

The course has proven to be attractive to students from many sectors of, and occupations within, the maritime and sea transport industries, serving both at sea and onshore, either in the UK or overseas. The typical student holds a responsible sea-going appointment, or a middle management position in one of the various maritime occupations, who wishes to reinforce his/her professional skills and experience in order to seek more senior positions in the same, or related, sectors of the maritime industries.

The programme is delivered on a flexible, modular basis comprising short but intensive periods of attendance at the University, supported by some work-based and distance learning. Employers are encouraged to support the students through part-time release. In addition to modules related to the management of technology, the programme also offers modules in business management and related skills beyond those gained in traditional maritime service.

The programme makes use of prestigious visiting speakers to supplement core academic content. The programme benefits by advice from an industrial steering committee, which helps ensure that the programme meets the real needs of its students.

Aims and Objectives

The successful MSc graduate from this course will have, on completion:

  1. A good understanding of maritime operations and technology, and the related business environment in which they work
  2. A basic understanding of business analysis, finance, human motivation, and the management of a service industry
  3. Technical knowledge of selected aspects of large ship design and operation and/or related maritime land-based or offshore    structures, sub-sea engineering/mining, marine technology and/or research, Marine environment including water circulation, sea ice navigation, and international Marine pollution regulations and management.
  4. Education to a level suitable for taking leadership and management responsibility in a wide range of maritime activities
  5. Excellent command of communication, IT and presentation skills
  6. A proven ability to investigate a topic of some importance, assess the key issues, develop logical conclusions, and present a coherent report with recommendations for action.

Distinguishing features of the course include:

  • It is based in London, a major international base for many maritime related activities

It is designed to be run on a part-time, modular, basis for students in full time employment, not necessarily locally

  • It makes use of prestigious visiting speakers to supplement core academic content
  •        The focus and content is guided by advice from the Industrial Steering Committee
  • It is a unique blend of professional, technical and management related material.


Entrance requirements

Applicants should have at least one of the following qualifications:

A recognised university degree (normally a 2:1 minimum) in an appropriate discipline.


A Certificate of Competence as Master or Chief Engineer, Class 1 Master Mariner, Class 1 Engineer, Standards of Training Certificates and Watchkeeping Management Level Qualifications, or equivalent, and work experience in the sea transport industry to a reasonable level of responsibility, such as 1st or 2nd Officer, 2nd or 3rd Engineer, or equivalent.


A Higher National Diploma in an appropriate discipline plus relevant professional qualifications and experience.


Relevant experience and qualifications in the offshore industry to a reasonable level of responsibility.

The selection process may include an interview.

Fees – For students to attend the MSc course in the year 2014 / 15

Students residing in the United Kingdom / Economic Community £12,000.

International full time students £15,000

Contact Details

For more information about the programme contact:

Postgraduate Programmes Office

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences

City University

Northampton Square



United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)20 7040 3630

Maritime Operations and Management MSc – City University London