Joining HCMM

The benefits of membership of the Honourable Company are many.

  • Membership of a network of your peers
  • Continuing professional development
  • Contribution to topical debates
  • Assisting in the setting of the maritime policy agenda
  • Assisting regulators and outside bodies with professional and technical queries
  • Assisting in improving safety
  • Participation in social activities in the City of London and around the UK
  • Gaining the freedom of the Company (for Freemen) and the City of London (for Liverymen)
  • Having access to the facilities of the HQS Wellington. These include: a world class venue for meetings and conferences; affordable accommodation in the centre of London onboard the HQS Wellington; and the wardroom bar for lunches and informal chats with your friends, family and colleagues.

But the most important benefit is being part of a friendly and welcoming society who understand what it means to be a Master Mariner.

Cost of membership

Membership costs vary with regard to the post that you would hold. Furthermore, a joining fine also applies for those full members (freemen and liverymen).

Quaterage £267.00 £257.00
Freeman £337.00 £327.00
Member £302.00 £292.00
Non-Voting Members £110.00 £100.00
Freedom Fines £347.00
Livery Fine £969.00
Livery Fine ( 7 Years + Membership ) £650.00

Joining procedure

The application procedure may seem tortuous but the Honourable Company strongly upholds a tradition of excellence which is reflected in the rigour of the process. Furthermore, each application must be approved by Court and they only sit four times per year. But it should also be remembered that membership of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners is something quite special.

The process begins with you completing the application form. This form may be down-loaded from this web site, completed by hand and then mailed to us, or, you may complete the on-line application form using the link below. Alternatively we will send you an application form by mail if you wish.

In the application form we ask you to place the names of members of the Honourable Company who you would like to act as your proposer and seconder. However, in the event that you do not know anyone in the Honourable Company, then simply state the name of a referee (normally your employer). We will then ask them for a reference on your behalf.

Once we have received you application form and relevant supporting testimonials or references, the application is then placed before the Membership Committee. This Committee reviews the application to ensure that the applicant fulfils the criteria of membership.

The next stage is then to arrange, at your convenience, a membership interview. This interview will be conducted by a senior officer within the Honourable Company either onboard the Wellington or at one of our outports around the country. Again, we are looking for the most convenient time and location to suit your wishes. The purpose of the interview is to pass on information regarding the management and role of the Honourable Company, as well as to check the validity of your application and to sight your Master’s Certificate of Competency, if you are applying for full membership. For Royal Navy candidates it may be necessary to contact the Naval Secretary for confirmation of your Command experience. Once the formality of the interview has been completed your application goes before the Court for election.

The final stage is the declaration ceremony. This ceremony is a formal affair held onboard the Wellington in which you make your declaration to the Honourable Company and your fellow Master Mariners. You are then welcomed into the Honourable Company with an address from one of our senior officers and a glass of something fizzy.

Text of Declaration:

“I [full name] solemnly swear that I will be true and faithful to our Sovereign Lady The Queen and to Her Heirs and Successors. I will observe and keep the Charter and Bye-laws of this Honourable Company of Master Mariners. In all matters lawful, I will be obedient unto the Master and Wardens of the Honourable Company. I will do my utmost at all times to maintain the Status, Dignity and Prestige of the Honourable Company. I will conscientiously endeavour to promote the efficiency of the Merchant Navy as an Imperial Service, and will at any time assist and counsel a Master Mariner to best of my ability, as he shall reasonably require. I will not disclose anything that may come to pass at any meeting of the Court, at which I may be present, to any person who is not a Member of the Honourable Company.

AND I make this solemn declaration conscientiously intending, and being resolved, faithfully and truly to abide by, perform and fulfil the same.”

This may all sound very tortuous method of gaining new members, but in reality it is a very simple and straightforward.

Application for membership

hcmm application form