Membership Committee

The Membership Committee meets four times per year and is concerned with all matters relating to the membership of the Honourable Company. This is the committee that gives approval of all applicants to join the Honourable Company.

The Membership Committee is directed under the chairmanship of Admiral Sir Nigel Essenhigh GCB and the Business Manager as secretary. The full list of members is shown below:

Admiral Sir Nigel Essenhigh GCB

Commander LA Chapman (Vice Chairman)

Captain IA Smith

Commodore AD Barrett RNR

Captain JM Gray

Captain PT Hanton

Captain JR Freestone

Captain K Hart

Captain APM Davis

Captain E Tiller

Mr T Starr

Miss S Berry

Commander D Parry

Commodore A Menzies RN (Clerk)

Mrs Alison Harris (Secretary)


For further information please contact the secretary of the Membership Committee.

020 7836 8179