Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets four times per year and is concerned with all matters relating to the finances of the Honourable Company. In addition to providing oversight to the proper management of the funds and income of the Honourable Company, this is the committee that reviews all applications for funding relating to the charities that are managed by the HCMM, subject to approval of the trustees of the particular charity.

The Finance and Pensions Committee is directed under the chairmanship of Mr Ian Stitt and the Clerk as Secretary. The full list of members is shown below:

Mr IA Stitt (Chairman)

Captain CV Paget

Commodore AD Barrett RNR

Captain APM Davis

Captain HJ Conybeare

Captain M Reed

Mr A Gosden

Commodore A Menzies RN (Clerk)

Mrs PS Burningham (Finance Officer)


For further information please contact the secretary of the Finance Committee.

020 7836 8179